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HM Productions Media Training Services

For any competitor trying to secure a lucrative sponsor, public image is of upmost importance.

HM Productions can provide you with the training that will make you more attractive to a sponsor. 


Why would a company sponsor you?

You might say because you’re good at what you do.  

But why would a potential sponsor care?

The only thing that matters to the sponsor is how much return they get on their investment.

So how can you make yourself a more attractive investment?

By creating a well-defined image in the media you become very appealing to companies.

HM Productions can provide you with bespoke training to help you raise your profile and take your sponsorship chances to another level.


Our training includes:

- On camera interview skills

- Making the media work for you

- Raising your profile on social media

- Professional video calling cards

Almost half way through filming the Corb
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